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Nobody knows TV like Channel Master

Delivering entertainment to homes has been our focus for 65 years.

We specialize in the free over-the-air programming that is provided by local broadcast stations over public spectrum - all of the major networks and a multitude of additional programming.

Today, the television industry is going through a lot of changes that can be frustrating to consumers, not to mention costly. But one thing hasn't changed, and that's the availability of free TV programming with the use of a simple over-the-air antenna.

The vast majority of television programming that we watch is

network broadcast content 

 ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.  

And it's available to you for free.

Stream+ Media Player

Steam+ from Channel Master is a media player that integrates streaming services and games with live broadcast TV and includes an on-screen channel guide with DVR capability to pause, rewind and record live TV. The powerful Android TV™ platform includes Google Play™ store, Live Channels™ DVR and built-in Chromecast™.


With the Stream+ media player

you can record your shows, just like your Cable or Satellite service.


Plus, check out the all new SMARTenna+.

The first indoor TV antenna to tackle common reception issues through the use of smart processing that can detect and choose the optimum antenna configuration, while providing both the convenience of initial automatic scanning and the flexibility of fine tuning at the push of a button.

No More Contracts.

No More Monthly Fees.

No More Equipment Fees.

​Your TV Antenna Specialists

All of antennas come with a lifetime warranty

Exclusive designs have the highest success rates in the industry

Offers same-day FREE shipping with FedEx/USPS on orders

over $49.99 within the contiguous United States

Offers everything from 4k HDR HDTV's, to AirTV, FireTV, RokuTV,

All At The Best Prices!

THIS IS A LA CARTE TV starting at $25.00/mo

No long-term contracts, no hidden fees, no cable BS. 

Watch Your Favorite Shows, Movies & Sports

Starting at $14.99/month

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For over 15 years, Vital Link has provided Satellite TV to hundreds if not thousands of customers in Atlanta GA and all across America. With years of success in the paid TV industry and becoming a true staple in the community, Vital Link is now reaching new heights with our brand new "Vital Link TV Solutions  - Cut The Cord" services.

Building on our reputation of providing exceptional customer service and customer value....

Vital Link TV Solutions has now partnered with Channel Master, the alternative TV provider and manufacturer of over-the-air reception products delivering TV Freedom to consumers since 1949. The company offers a full line of television antennas, subscription-free DVR options and additional products designed to deliver a traditional TV experience without the fees. 


It feels like Cable but it's not.

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